Friday, January 20, 2012

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge...just loved it!

This movie title is opposite to what it depicts in the movie. I thought it is about the not-so-educated seeking 'fraandships' with people of opposite gender.
To my surprise, this movie involving college-going youngsters comes as a breath of fresh air as it captures the positive energy of these young people, their enthusiasm, optimism, their belief that the world is not unconquerable, their resilience...
A neat movie, maybe no great script but the pace is kept up. The actors behaving and dressed as 20-year-olds do in their real item dance, no double entendres. In one sentence, the story-line is about how the youth hide behind Facebook to communicate through chats and not through real-time conversations.
I wish such movies were marketed better so that we feel inspired to go to the theaters to watch it as a result of which we could have more such movies made.
A cute, beautiful and a positive movie which forced a tear from my eye.