Friday, August 19, 2011

Returning to mana Hyderabad

Tired of your routine life? Go out of town, stay out for a while and then come back…like me.
Three weeks of Chennai—staying in the outskirts of city, on the IT highway—hungering for a simple home-cooked meal and living with people with who you have no common language to communicate…all this cured my thirst for a break.
When I boarded the Hyderabad bound train, I couldn’t believe I was set to return home.

What I returned to:
  • to read the wording Chennai-Hyderabad in Telugu
  • to see my mobile phone stop 'roaming' as it entered AP!
  • to step on to the Hyderabad railway platform and breathe an AC-free air again..AND not sweat!
  • to the haggling with the auto driver in a language we both understand!
  • to step into a messy, yet cozy home...away from the septic, formidable, cold, guest house walls
  • to stop drinking mineral water
  • to not having to keep my possessions under lock & key every time I step out of home
  • to just have magi or rice and, yes, to be able to have my favorite upma once again
  • to be able to prepare and have my paani-wala chai after three weeks of machine-brewed tepid sugar syrup
  • to be able to sprawl out on my own bed
Even after a week of return, it sometimes still feels as though I am going to wake up to the sights and sounds of the last three weeks and I shudder! Feel so thankful to return to the routine that the body and mind are used to.


Vetrimagal said...

Came via Vinodji's blog.
Pardon me, If I am wrong,
But could not help to appreciate someone who likes "The Scarlet Pimpernel"! I have seen so many blogs, but had not seen any Indian blogger listing this book.

After so many years, I still remember the thrill it gave me when I read it as a teenager.

And, I also understand the feeling of returning home after weeks in guarded atmosphere. I am sure most will agree with you.

Beautiful World said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

This book, 'Scarlet Pimpernel' should be a must-read for all the book lovers, I feel. It has all ingredients which make it an interesting read...the story, suspense, romance, valor, surprising end, everything. Very few books encompass so much within.
A few more are mentioned in my post:

You may want to take a nostalgic trip with the listing within.

:) yes, it feels good to be back home after being away for so long.