Thursday, July 1, 2010

God's hand...

The weather in Hyderabad is playing had rained for a few days and then suddenly it had become hot and oppressive once again. Here's one day when I was taking a hot water bath and another day a cold one…all this and the hectic roaming around the last week took a toll on health. I was down with a sore throat and cold. Didn’t go to office for two days and then finally ventured out today. The sky looked threatening but how much longer can one stay at home? I parked my bike at Mayfair and got into the office bus.

As I walked into the office, it started raining just as I thought. And when it rains, it pours! In the evening, I started back from office and walked towards the parking lot, sure to get drenched. I didn’t have any option but to keep walking as otherwise, I would miss the bus. Just as I started walking, there was another girl who was also walking towards the bus , saw me and came close to me to share her umbrella. I was so touched and happy. The existing condition of cold and cough would have aggravated if not for this help.

When I reached Mayfair, there was still a drizzle. I took out my bike hoping to reach home as soon as possible. And saw to my dismay that someone had deliberately taken the air out of the back tyre. I despaired. I set out when people assured that there is a puncture-wala shop nearby…I kept going but found that all those road-side shops had closed due to the rain today. To add to the woes, I saw that the regular route I take was inundated because of which I needed to take a detour. All this happened with my driving at 5 kmph.I didn’t know what to do as there weren’t any shops to help me with my problem. Towards the end of the road I saw a mechanic who was helping accessorize a car . The name of the car accessories shop is ‘Solar Shades’ at Minster road. When I approached him, he said that there wasn’t any way that he can help me. But there was another person from the same shop standing nearby who overheard this conversation and turned to the shop window and spotted a car air pump which was on display. He asked his mechanic to try that. They opened the new box for me and plugged in the air pump to fill up the deflated tyre of the scooter. This man who helped me is Dilip. I am so grateful to him. In that rain, if it weren’t for his help, I don’t know when I would have reached home.