Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whats your Rashee?

Na Na karthe pyaar tumhi se kar baithe….
The more I dislike Priyanka Chopra, the more I seem to be seeing her movies and to top this, to like them too!
After seeing Rajiv Masand’s review of 1.5 on 5 ( ) for “What’s your Rashee?” we were dismayed as we had already booked our tickets for the 26th of September, the second day of release. There were thoughts of going to the theatre and cancel the tickets to spare ourselves the torture of 3 ½ hours of boredom. But then I wanted to see this time-pass. When we sat down to watch the movie, every minute I was thinking this is the point where it starts getting to be boring and I spent the entire 3 ½ hours waiting to see when that point would come when I would be forced to say ‘enough!’ and run away from the theatre…but I am must say that that point never came. It could also be because we went with zero expectations. Harman Baweja also surprised us with the sincerity of performance. Priyanka did try her best to try and be different in all the 12 roles given to her and stood out in a few of those roles.
The movie reminds you strongly of the TV serial 'Mr. Yogi' of our DD days. The first role of a wannabe, a Gujju girl was carried quite well by Priyanka. No great strength of script in the movie but watchable. Of course you run the risk of having to endure 12 songs…each for the 12 girls in the movie. The script could have cut down on the songs to perhaps explore each of the characters a little more. Humor in some places also keeps the audience from scooting.