Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Think of relationships….and what they mean….
You run behind relationships always thirsting for that single person who could make a difference but does such a person exist? You see people and there is the initial attraction and the so called falling in love…which is just an attraction of the physical…….nothing beyond that and when that passes, what’s left is a person whom you see after the haze has cleared up. You see him now warts and all… there are differences now…there are those unpleasant moments those times where u r too sapped to give more…perhaps that’s why it was thought that its easiest to give when you are younger; there’s more resilience more the want to give and with the adrenalin pumping, its easy to maintain those relationships.
But as you grow older and more rigid, there is the clash of the egos…sometimes too tired to keep giving... sometime wanting to sit back and receive to bask in the love of someone….is that love only an illusion?