Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Going to bed and what it means to me

One, the bed is a sacrosanct place to me.
I cannot imagine getting an unclean body onto the bed. What I need to do is have a long, leisurely bath at the end of the day…feel clean…put myself into those cottons which are extra soft…have a vast bed all to myself, a 6x6 for a 5 ft frame is a luxury.
Have the bed sheets straightened up...let there be nothing on the bed except the TV remote and the mobile…turn the coolers on…have the room very cool before I even leave for the bath at the end of the day… a long bath enjoying the bath as the body prepares to wash off all the sweat, the tiredness from the body and prepares itself to relax…quickly stepping into the bedroom lest the sweat collects…changing into the soft soft cottons which feel so comfortable next to the skin…
Ensure that the blinds are drawn tightly shut so that it doesn’t allow any sunlight to filter through in the morning to wake you up. Even the bed light seems harsh and I need to turn it off too. The softest of soft lights filtered through the blinds …that of the street lights seem so adequate…just enough to allow me to see myself sprawled across the bed...
Let the head touch the pillow...cover with a thin blanket curl up with a book.When the body is clean, it totally relaxes…imagine that the body is maintained in this pristine condition for the next 8-9 hours of sleep...what bliss!