Friday, December 26, 2008


Perhaps the last post in December!
Rewind to the year gone by...
I should have, perhaps, chronicled the events of the year more closely!
January to July was quite uneventful what with being stuck in a job which wasn't exciting enough to keep me interested. I was becoming quite complacent.
April, brought in a not- so great appraisal, obviously. I knew this was coming.
May had the excitement of my son at home..very busy times from then on.
July saw me getting into a new Project. This was exciting what with my getting into a sexy cabin room all to myself...can't describe the feeling of power it gives you!
With this new role came responsibility.
I enjoy the new role now but am sure if this is all that it can offer me, I would get quite bored of it's lot of work with little authority...hungering for more..
On personal front... got into RKL mates group, found a space to let out my feelings...was quite kicked about it initially but soon found it a bit hollow. Yet, I continue to share and sometimes do get good response and support too.
Otherwise, life this year in 2008 has been pretty much the same as it is since 2002...a straight line.
I do have this belief in numbers and think that the number '8' is ominous. Waiting eagerly for the number '9' in 2009 to bring me goodies and a change for the better.