Saturday, December 27, 2008

This is not me

While I read other bloggers today, it hit me hard on my face. I am again being cautious, careful...this is a charade...always worrying about what people think...letting on only this much and not more...there’s more to me than this…much more.
I choose to expose only the beautiful side.
I feel a fake!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Perhaps the last post in December!
Rewind to the year gone by...
I should have, perhaps, chronicled the events of the year more closely!
January to July was quite uneventful what with being stuck in a job which wasn't exciting enough to keep me interested. I was becoming quite complacent.
April, brought in a not- so great appraisal, obviously. I knew this was coming.
May had the excitement of my son at home..very busy times from then on.
July saw me getting into a new Project. This was exciting what with my getting into a sexy cabin room all to myself...can't describe the feeling of power it gives you!
With this new role came responsibility.
I enjoy the new role now but am sure if this is all that it can offer me, I would get quite bored of it's lot of work with little authority...hungering for more..
On personal front... got into RKL mates group, found a space to let out my feelings...was quite kicked about it initially but soon found it a bit hollow. Yet, I continue to share and sometimes do get good response and support too.
Otherwise, life this year in 2008 has been pretty much the same as it is since 2002...a straight line.
I do have this belief in numbers and think that the number '8' is ominous. Waiting eagerly for the number '9' in 2009 to bring me goodies and a change for the better.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beautiful lady

I folded the newspaper and put it away to get down at the last station. As I happened to see about me, I saw a family of three women also getting up to get down at the station. They picked up their luggage-- each person holding a bag. The last to get up and try to pick up a bag too was a petite lady, perhaps just about 7-8 kgs in weight,all of 2 feet and around 2 years of age.She tried as best as she thought that the task couldn't be done...when she failed to lift the bag by its long strap, she changed the strategy..she tried putting the two handles together and renewed her efforts to pick up the bag.
This heart warming scene stole everyone's heart in the compartment. I couldn't resist but pick her up, cuddle her,hold her tight and plant a kiss on her cheek...
My day was made!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Office cricket match :)

It is a Saturday but my company made it a working day to compensate for the extra day of holiday on the 26th of December.
The last week was a hectic one with a client visit..getting up early and rushing to the office!
The entire week I found myself bereft of sleep. I promised myself a good sleep on Saturday but :( what with it being declared a working day, I had no choice!
Heck! I got up earlier than usual as my office team decided to play a match against our client team ...they called it a friendly match:)

The match was set to be played at the Habsiguda ground.
I was delighted at this news, as, for the first time after I joined the current team, I didn't have far to travel.Less than 10 mins of travel took me to the ground.
Saw the men getting all so serious over the silly ball and bat game.
The match was set to start at 9:30...but it started at 10 15 am.
The match was a 20-over match and this was played in all seriousness.
Where you have the professional cricketers taking breaks after every hour or two, our pros had their breaks every 20 minutes..come back to the 'pavilion' sweating and thirsting for the soft drinks/ water..stuff themselves with food and run back to the ground.
We, the audience, were equally stuffing ourselves with food and more food from the time that we set foot on the cricket ground. It was a round of idlis, followed by hot samosas, then cream biscuits, salted ones, soft drinks, fruit juices...!
By the time the audience and the players could catch glimpses of the game, the match was over!
We hung our heads, what with a 8-run defeat.One of the junior team members sat quite heart-broken. I was quite amused to see him take the game so much to heart.
We five women team members hadn't much to do except appear joyous or dejected at appropriate times. The opposite team members were courteous enough to acknowledge our presence though. :)
By around 1 pm, we were all heaving from all the heavy stuff lying dormant in our tummies, when we were told that it was now the turn of binging on our famous Vegetable Biryani! Oh no! Not food AGAIN!
But in keeping with the team spirit , I had to keep up with the pretense of eating.
Done, I returned home and hit the sack to doze straight for 3 hours!