Saturday, November 15, 2008

The feeling of ummmmmm

How often does one get the feeling of ummmmm!?
This is the feeling I was left with by the end of the day today...
I left home at 12:30 pm after a short chat with son.
I went to the bank to pressurize the staff into getting me a locker.
Hope that gets done.
Bought vegetables at the following rates:
  • 1 Brinjal: Rs. 24/-
  • 100 gms Green chillies: Rs 5 (100 gms green chillies means around 12 of the bigger ones)
  • 2 radishes @ Rs 5 each
  • 1 small cauliflower @ Rs 10
Spent Rs 50 just to get one day's worth vegetables!
Came home and on an impulse went to see a out of the movie at 6 pm...went straight to 'Estelle' where I bought a Rs 4550 worth jewelery.
Already filled with glee, I went across to another jewelery shop, this time to order a new set...
As though I hadn't spent enough time and money, I made it to a good restaurant & had a leisurely dinner. Having skipped lunch I ate voraciously.
The self-pampering didn't end there. The next destination was the 'Paan Mahal' where I ordered for a Meetha Paan. This was served in a little transparent plastic box. The green triangle with its silver covering on it lying on a bed of rose petals...and when you take that into your mouth to savor those soft fragrant melting moments...that reinforced the ummmmmmmmmmmm feeling...