Saturday, May 10, 2008

My summer vacation

A long time since I took the time to write here.
Lots of things happening in my life right now…
I have changed my profile in my professional life. From being a faculty for 16 long years, I have entered the technical world in the form of a Tech Writer. I wouldn’t call this profile exactly fascinating but this has given me a definite advantage in understanding the IT world better.
This role has brought certain uncertainties with it…like gaps between projects…seems entirely new to be without work… some rest after 6 long years of working continuously. It’s a whole new world and I look forward to experimenting with newer roles and responsibilities. I am thankful for this chance of trying a profile that’s so divergent from my earlier one.
Let’s see what the new project brings in terms of role and responsibilities! The new project is likely to be available from the 1st of June.
I worked for 10 months in a Life-Sciences project and am now released from the project.
Meanwhile, let me enjoy this vacation…getting paid without working is enjoyable for sure!