Thursday, February 28, 2008

20 minutes of Magic

I will be writing frequently about my experiences while traveling by the train to work. Each day brings with it amazing experiences.
Yesterday we were in the train going to work as usual. In Secunderabad station, a group of around 25 school girls got into the train. After sometime, they probably got restless about the time taken traveling and decided to sing.
They took off with recent hits of Tollywood...soon the infectious zeal caught on and the tempo after song...the latest ones kept rolling off...We couldn't help but get caught in that fervor.
Many a traveler usually plug in the i-pod as soon as they embark on the journey..I saw one college girl smilingly remove her i-pod to get lost in this slightly off-beat but very honest rendering of the songs.
The girls got off 20 minutes later. The i-pod was plugged back..I got lost in the newspaper again.The 20 minutes of magic was over.